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Shaka Africa Trophy Safaris Hunting Prices


We offer hunts on different Concessions in South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Tanzania. The specie and accommodation prices differs on each concessions so we will tailor a package to meet your specific requirements. Your particular hunting needs and available hunting budget is our biggest concern.

Please note: Your hunting safari is tailor-made, so the exact calculation depends on your wishes and is done best in a personal conversation. We cater for all hunters, from a beginner to an experienced hunter.

List of Available Species

Buffalo 39"
Buffalo > 40"
Duiker Blue
Duiker Common
Duiker Red *


Eland Cape
Gemsbuck (Oryx)
Hyena Brown
Hyena Spotted
Impala Southern
Kudu Greater < 50"
Kudu Greater >50"


Letchwe *
Oribi *
Reedbuck Common
Reedbuck Mountain *
Rhebuck Grey
Red Hartebeest
Roan Antelope *
Sable Antelope


Springbuck Common
Suni *
Wildebeest Black *
Wildebeest Blue
Zebra Burchell's
Zebra Hartman *


Request A Quote

To discuss your needs and budget, please contact Christo on +27 82 259 0815, or send a  WhatsApp to arrange for a time of call (English). You can also fax +27 86 260 2509 us your request or send an email to info@shakaafrica.com for our pricelist, our specie list or to get a quotation for a specific hunting package.

Please provide the following information. It will help us to tailor-make a hunting proposal according to your hunting party wish-list and budget.

Personal Information Required

Name and Surname
Contact number
Number of hunters in your hunting party
Number of non-hunters in your hunting party
Number of 'husband and wife' couples in your hunting party
Average hunting budget per hunter in your hunting party
Species your hunting party want to hunt
At least two hunting safari dates (arrival and departure dates)

We pledge to phone you to discuss your hunting safari as soon as possible and to confirm the conclusions of our discussion in writing via email before a deposit needs to be paid.


Permit fees on CITES and TOPS animals

* Non-refundable fee of $95 per animal payable one month prior to the commencement of the hunt


Deposit requirements

To secure your hunt, a 50% deposit of daily rates and accommodation is payable 6 months prior to your hunt - to give enough time for CITES, TOPS and Hunting permits.
The balance is payable upon arrival.



The deposit will be refunded subject to the resale of the package. The deposit will not be lost if the hunt is rebooked later.
If you cancel the hunt 4-6 months prior to the hunt, your deposit will be refunded.
If you cancel 3 months prior to the hunt, your deposit is not refundable.